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With today’s changing environment, Design Plus Interiors is happy to bring you the most cutting edge products that will help lessen each person’s carbon footprint left on mother Earth. From carpeting made out of recycled water bottles, to carpet made out of corn, to a wool carpet that is 100% compostable. Design Plus Interiors is happy to bring you the most environmentally friendly green products available today.

Did You Know?
On average each sale of 7 yards of carpeting featuring SmartStrand® with Dupont™ Sorona® renewably sourced polymer will equate to an energy savings equivalent to one gallon of gasoline.

Beyond Soft surface, Design Plus Interiors is pleased to carry several other lines of hard surface Green Products. From Natural Cork and Bamboo, to Solid Wood reclaimed from the Southern Parts of the United States, there is an option for everyone. If you are interested in Vinyl, Laminate, or any other product, we are pleased to help you find the Green product that is right for you.
Additionally, a number of our products are LEED certified. We would be pleased to provide you the paperwork for any product that you are interested that carries this important certification and/or the appropriate LEED points. We look forward to showing you how together, we can keep our planet alive for generations to come while maintaining a style and décor that you and your home love!

Brands we carry:

Mohawk Bamboo, Natural Cork, Qu-Cork